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-Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore
"SABRE strikes a balance between enforcement, treatment and prevention through a tough, but smart, approach to substance abuse. Harsher drug distribution penalties will send a clear message to Virginians not to sell drugs. The mandatory treatment components will help break the destructive habits of addiction or abuse. The prevention effort will send the message of the dangers of drugs to those who have not yet fallen prey to the kingpins and their networks of dealers."


Virginia's Balanced Approach to Drug Reduction

SABRE (Substance ABuse Reduction Effort) is a three-dimensional program of enforcement, treatment and prevention that targets drug dealers, as well as casual and chronic drug users in the Commonwealth. The legislation and funding components of the SABRE program became effective July 1, 2000.


  • Tougher criminal penalties for drug dealers and chronic drug users;
  • Cash rewards for information on major drug dealers and those selling drugs to children;
  • A state police special operations division which can be immediately deployed to areas of criminal drug activity;


  • Mandatory treatment for first-time drug users;
  • Residential transition and mandatory treatment for those being released from prison;
  • Peer support and relapse prevention;


  • Creation of the Governors Office for Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) to unify the Commonwealths substance abuse prevention efforts.

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